Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ironman Canada - 18 weeks out

IMC: 18 weeks to go (Mar 23-29)
Challenge: 18 weeks to go (Apr 14-20)
Total training hours
3:44 / 7500m
5:41 / 11,750m
5:53 / (spin classes + 82.8 km on trainer)
6:59 / (trainer time + 94.1 km on road)
2:23 / 23.1 km
1:49 / 18.3 km
Strength training

SBR Total

This blog entry made possible by Insomnia. If it feels like I just posted here, it’s because I did. In fact, it was the last [productive] thing I did before packing myself off to bed for a good solid 2 hours of Zzzs. Followed by a few hours surfing through Facebook and Twitter, catching up (and reading old posts) on some of my favourite blogs, and doing math. Sleep math. You know, if I fall asleep now I will get 2 hrs and 42 minutes of sleep, plus 9 minutes if I hit the snooze button… OK, if I fall asleep now, I will get 2 hrs and 16 minutes. And then a stray thought: coffee. And so here I sit at 3:30 am, getting on with the day. And since I’m a little behind on my training week recaps…

I had met with Coach the Friday before this training week began and whined about [among other things] the low training volume. I need the endorphins. When am I going to start ramping back up? I can’t remember his exact words but if I could paraphrase – and I can, it’s my blog – it was that we’d get there once I started sounding like I was ready… sounding more positive about my training, and not like I might be a bit burnt out. Oh. Sunday night when my plan was loaded, I was happy to see: no rest days! And a decent amount of time on the bike. And speaking of the bike…

This week was my week to plan Date Night and what better way to rekindle the romance than grunting and sweating through a PowerWatts class? I know right? So obvious. We had first tried a PowerWatts class at Fortius on Christmas Eve last year. They were offering sessions at a reduced rate through the holiday period so I booked us in to a 6-something am class on Christmas Eve morning. We went, we spun, we sweated, and we Starbucked after (conveniently located in the lobby). It was great. You can read all about it here. April Fools! I asked Coach about working these into the plan on a regular basis and he said sure… afer Napa. Right. So here we are a few months later, Napa and recovery are behind me, and I’m trying to come up with something creative for Date Night that will allow me to visit the Jamaican Pizza Jerk guilt free. [Side note: The Bounty. I would not steer you wrong my plant powered friends.] I asked for a PW session on the plan and Coach obliged.
Before the pain began.
Sunday was one of those steady, heavy rain days that people think is Vancouver weather. Truthfully, I think they aren’t all that common (especially this year) but get a bad rap because the tender transplanted East Coasters can’t handle them. It dampens their sensitive dispositions I guess. I shouldn’t be poking too much fun here because as I vacillated between enduring 3 hours on the trainer or riding outside in the rain, I walked up to the window thinking Maybe I’ll ride in this… And when I was at the window, looking out, very decisively concluded I would not. So it was quality time on the trainer with the Underwoods and TrainerRoad Eddy McKenney workout, which turned out to be the toughest ride I’ve done in a while and a much tougher workout than I’d have gotten doing a z2 ride outside. If you haven’t tried TrainerRoad, check it out. Three hour trainer rides will never be fun but TrainerRoad takes [some of] the monotony out of them, minimizing “trainer math”, and it’s cheap! I ended the day – and the week – on the treadmill, escaping the rain… ‘cause y’all know I’m made of sugar.

Week 18:
49 minute z1 spin on the trainer to flush out legs from race day
30 minute full body strength workout at home
8 km run after work
Hatha Yoga class
2600m swim before work
PRM Spin class
PowerWatts VO2 Max Progression workout
2300m swim before work
1900m PRM swim
10 km run post-swim
35 minute z1 run on the treadmill